Jenna Fischer Was Surprised With A Gift That Will Make ‘The Office’ Fans Emotional

Michael Scott and Pam Beesly, as played by Steve Carell and Jenna Fischer, had a special connection on The Office; with the exception of Holly, she was the only one who truly understood and/or tolerated his eccentricities, and in turn, he was her only co-worker considerate enough to appreciate her art show. It’s no wonder that one of the most emotional moments on the long-running sitcom was Michael’s goodbye to Pam (we recently learned that she was telling him “all the ways I was going to miss him”). Now, six years after the show went off the air, Carell and Fischer have reunited on Busy Philipps’ talk show Busy Tonight.

It was a delayed reunion, however, considering Carell spent much of it hanging out in a box, waiting to surprise Fischer. The Splitting Up Together star also received other gifts from her Office co-stars, including a box of raisin crips from Ellie Kemper (“During an episode, they had these on set and she and I ate about four boxes of them”), a loaf of bread from Angela Kinsey, and a banjo from Ed Helms (“Creed played guitar and Ed played banjo and they would play during lunch”). But Philipps shared the best present of all for last: Michael Scott.


It might not be a full-scale Office reunion, but it’s still pretty darn good.