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In case you’re not up to speed on girls that nerds love, Olivia Munn is the co-host of G4TV’s “Attack of the Show,” where her antics — like deep-throating a hot dog and everything in the video below — have given the show immense credibility among lonely masturbators.  But that could all come to an end if… the Christians have their way!!! From the compellingly named (update: and possibly satirical?) Christwire.org:

This female acts like she is into gaming, cartoons and nerds. What she is doing is, using this wool [hee hee! -Ed.] to lure young men into watching her and then she starts using her devil powers to expose them to breasts, uncovers legs, mouth sex acts, sexual suggestions and other unholy things.

Even her website is full of scum and sin. She posts photos of her half naked and posts videos partaking in simulated sexual acts. On her “blog” she tries to act like she is an every women, who loves regular men. We all know she is using this on youth to gain ratings and to drive traffic to her website, when in reality she is doing drugs with her high dollar pimps.

Oh, Christwire, you make me [sic].  But the best part of the complaint is its introduction to an embedded video: “Here is one of her sin marinated videos, entitled ‘Talk Dirty’.”  Mmmmm…. sin marination.  Delicious. Just watch out for the special sauce.

(eternal thanks to Vince for the tip)

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