Now That Thomas Gibson Is Off The Show, Paget Brewster Is Back To Being A ‘Criminal Minds’ Series Regular

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08.30.16 3 Comments

Paget Brewster was always planning on returning to Criminal Minds on a part-time basis during the upcoming season, but now that series lead Thomas Gibson has been unceremoniously axed plans have changed. With the departure of Gibson (who has no one to blame but himself, intended lawsuits not withstanding), Paget has been upgraded to series regular status for Season 12.

Brewster’s last appearance as a series regular was all the way back in 2012, before she departed the show to seek out a wider variety of opportunities (including a few classic stints on Comedy Central’s Drunk History). The story arc that precipitated Brewster’s character Emily Prentiss being written off the show required a lot of logic jumps and a multitude of guest stars, but the show still found ways to bring Prentiss back in short appearances from time to time.

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