Thomas Gibson Joins Twitter To Emotionally Discuss His Dismissal From ‘Criminal Minds’

If there’s a positive note to take from Thomas Gibson’s departure from Criminal Minds, it’s that the actor seems to be treating it as a positive turn. There’s been a lot of negativity flowing following the alleged kicking incident that led to Gibson’s firing, with the actor reportedly seeking a lawsuit stemming from the his removal. There was also the somewhat cryptic video from Shemar Moore that talked about “karma,” but the view at Gibson’s newly created Twitter account would make you think the actor is working on moving on.

According to Variety, the account has yet to be verified by Twitter, but was confirmed to be Gibson himself by his representatives. He used the first few posts to lay out his feelings on his dismissal and to reach out to the fans who might be looking for a way to connect after his dismissal:

Gibson seems determined to make an effort to treat fans of Criminal Minds with respect, with some personal notes and wishes being tweeted on the account. He also dropped a very telling Instagram post pointing to what’s “down the road” while holding tight to his dog Hazel:

You can’t go wrong with an adorable tiny dog when making an appeal for forgiveness and understanding. At least that’s what it looks like. Should be interesting to see if anything else comes out in the days to come.

(Via Variety / Thomas Gibson)