06.09.09 9 years ago 9 Comments

Here’s video of WGN (of Chicago, duh) sports anchor Pat Tomasulo dunking on a small child and then taunting him until he cries (via Mouthpiece Sports).  It is an absolute delight to watch.  In the course of a minute, he transitions from yelling “You don’t have any game, Tyler!” to a halfhearted apology before saying, “Actually, that felt GREAT.   I felt so powerful!”

All of that seems par for the course for Tomasulo, who also does humorous investigative news skits in a series called “The Pat Down.”  In the video after the jump, he goes after people who talk on bluetooths (blueteeth?) and send text messages while walking.  It’s not quite as good as most “Daily Show” segments, but then what does YOUR local sports anchor do in his free time?  Here in New York, Mike Francesca just sits in a recliner, sweating while he labors to breathe.

Side note: everyone at WGN News is pretty cool.

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