Wyatt Cenac Freaks Out About A Talking Deer And Alien Abductions In The Latest ‘People Of Earth’ Trailer

The closer we get to October 31, the more excited you should get about Halloween Wyatt Cenac’s new comedy series People of Earth. Why? Besides the fact that it features a Daily Show alum as a journalist investigating an alien abductees “experiencers” support group, the new TBS show created by newcomer David Jenkins is produced by late-show host Conan O’Brien and former The Office/Parks and Recreation producer Greg Daniels. Add in Ana Gasteyer and a veritable who’s-who of comedians and comedy actors in numerous supporting roles and eureka! You’ve got a show in which Cenac’s Ozzie Graham hallucinates about talking to the deer he’s about to hit with his car.

As Wyatt Cenac told Uproxx back in June, he’d “never really been that interested in acting on its own” but changed his mind after reading Jenkins’ script. Of course, that People of Earth‘s creator supposedly “wrote it with [Cenac] in mind” probably helped sway the Night Train comic too. Even so, judging by the hilarious bits of footage TBS has been teasing since January, we’re especially glad Cenac decided to join the ensemble for its 10-episode first season order.

Besides, when and where else will depressed X-Files fans ever get the chance to see what looks like an extended adaptation of the classic episode, “Jose Chung’s from Outer Space”? That, and alien sex…