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You know a series has a devoted fan base when you start getting paper doll cut-outs of the show’s characters, as is the case here with “True Blood.”  Above is uber-religious vixen Pam, giver of bathtub handjobs [EDIT: Sarah gives the handjobs. Pam is Eric’s assistant. Sorry.] In the thumbnail is Lafayette, to whom I’m in debt for introducing me to the idea that “hooker” can be a term of endearment.lafayette-doll

I like that the creator of these stuck with the show’s secondary characters.  That’s really the selling point of “True Blood” (besides the violence and nudity, of course).  No one cares whether Bill and his ridiculous accent can save Sookie’s fug ass from whatever peril she put herself into.  I want more of Eric (Viking warrior turned vampire rocking a velour track suit: thumbs-up), more of Pam Sarah breaking her marriage vows behind the altar, and above all else, more of Deborah Ann Woll as Jessica.  In the last episode, we learned that she’s going to be a virgin forever.  Just like me!


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