Kanye West Shares An ‘Eazy’ Video In Which He Puts A Hit On A Claymation Pete Davidson

Kanye West has always had an offbeat and kind of juvenile sense of humor — just check out the video for “Famous” — but in his new video for “Eazy,” that humor takes a sharp left turn into the world of the macabre. Filmed in grainy black and white stop-motion animation, the “Eazy” video finds Kanye sending The Game and Eazy-E after his imagined romantic rival Pete Davidson — whose ass, remember, he threatens to beat in the lyrics of the song — to kidnap and bury the comedian up to his neck, turning him into an unorthodox planter.

Kanye’s been borderline hyperfocused on Davidson ever since the SNL member took up with West’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian. While Pete’s dating history has been the subject of much amusement online, Kanye hasn’t found it all that funny (he rarely does when he thinks he’s the butt of the joke — the South Park fish sticks gag wasn’t far off the mark). Instead, he’s taken to calling the comedian “Skete” and repeatedly railed against him, writing that he doesn’t want Davidson around his kids and gloating that he had the comedian chased off Instagram.

The timing of Kanye sharing the video is uncanny; earlier today, a judge granted Kardashian single status, effectively ending the couple’s near-seven-year marriage. While Kanye has said that he wants to reconcile — the “Eazy” video even ends with a tongue-in-cheek declaration of his belief that they’ll live happily ever after once Davidson is out of the picture — Kardashian has adamantly and repeatedly said that she has no desire to do so. Something tells me that this video won’t help Kanye’s case much.

Watch the “Eazy” video above.