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A few weeks back, Jezebel did some serious sexism-baiting with a post titled The Daily Show‘s Woman Problem. I can’t say whether it raised a legitimate criticism of “The Daily Show” as an equal opportunity workplace, but I can tell you this: what it sounded like was ugly girls being mad that Olivia Munn got a job on the show.

Today, the women of “The Daily Show” — all 31 of them, 40% of the show’s staff — fired back with a missive directed at “People Who Don’t Work Here.” An excerpt:

We feel lucky to work in a meritocracy where someone with talent can join us as an intern and work her way up to wherever her strengths take her. But also because it’s an environment that supports our being more than just our jobs. The Daily Show (to an extent few of us have seen elsewhere) allows us the flexibility to care for our families, pursue our own projects, cope with unexpected crises, and have lives outside the show.

Wow, it sounds like the opposite of working for Gawker Media.

Also, regarding some of the attacks on Jon Stewart and his character…

Jon’s not just a guy in a suit reading a prompter. His voice and vision shape every aspect of the show from concept to execution. The idea that he would risk compromising his show’s quality by hiring or firing someone based on anything but ability, or by booking guests based on anything but subject matter, is simply ludicrous.

But what’s he really like? Well, for a sexist prick, he can be quite charming. He’s also generous, humble, genuine, compassionate, fair, supportive, exacting, stubborn, goofy, hands-on, driven, occasionally infuriating, ethical, down-to-earth and–a lot of people don’t know this–surprisingly funny (for a guy brimming with “joyless rage”). How else to describe him? What’s the word that means the opposite of sexist? That one.

In conclusion, *REEERRR!!!* Maaaaaaaake ouuuuuuuuut!

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