‘Rick And Morty’ Fans Are Demanding An Update On Season 4 After Adult Swim Dropped A Cryptic Clip

Adult Swim

It’s now been well over a year since we’ve seen any new episodes of Rick and Morty, although given the wait between seasons two and three, that seems about to be par for the course. That’s of little comfort to fans clamoring for a new season however, especially when you factor in co-creator Justin Roiland’s promise of 70 additional new episodes — by which time Morty himself would ostensibly be a grandfather.

So when Adult Swim released the following clip to Twitter on Wednesday evening, it definitely got people speculating about a forthcoming fourth season announcement.

Unfortunately the clip doesn’t provide much in the way of new information, instead just trippy, stylized versions of the titular duo animated as amoebae, a hippopotamus Rick chomping a bird Morty, Godzilla Rick fighting Mothra Morty, and a black hole Rick sucking in a planet Morty.

Finally, the whole universe is snatched up in the palm of Evil Morty, who we apparently haven’t seen the last of yet.

But other than the tease of Evil Morty in the final shot, the clip provided little in in the way of any new information. As you can imagine, this went over splendidly with a fan base known for terrorizing fast food workers over dipping sauces.

Perhaps Adult Swim is planning to drop another April Fool’s Day surprise in a few months, but it seems unlikely they would go that obvious of a route. So in the meantime, it seems that fans can remain on the edge of their seats.