‘Rick And Morty’ Drops An LSD Video And Reveals Season 3 Guest Stars

Rick and Morty is fixin’ to get schwifty on July 30th at 11:30 pm EST when season 3 kicks off, and they’ve been getting us excited with a bonkers trailer, a few claymation shorts, and the video above, in which Morty drops a beaker of pure LSD, sending him and Rick on an unsettling trip through a century-plus of animation styles. The video was directed by Matt Taylor with a score by Run The Jewels. We recommend slathering yourself with Szechuan dipping sauce before watching to achieve the full effect; just don’t drop any beakers, because that’ll be 30 minutes of Rick’s life he’ll never get back.

In addition to the new promo, Rick and Morty creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon (who are not fighting) spoke to The Playlist about upcoming guest stars and other things to be excited about, like the new clip they’ll premiere at their Comic-Con panel, the screening they’ll hold at Petco Park Saturday night (last year they screened this), and the Rickmobile making a triumphant return for Comic-Con.

Here are the guest stars they revealed to The Playlist:

Thomas Middleditch, Susan Sarandon, Danny Trejo, Christian Slater, Joel McHale, Peter Serafinowicz, and Gillian Jacobs. Harmon also said that Keith David will be coming back to reprise his role as the GD president of the mf’ing United States.

That sounds awesome, but when are we getting some more of Werner Herzog as Shrimply Pibbles?

(Via The Playlist and Pedestrian TV)