‘The Walking Dead’ Creator Robert Kirkman Knows The Source Of The Outbreak, But He’s Keeping Tight Lipped

Getty Image / AMC

Robert Kirkman knows exactly how The Walking Dead outbreak occurred, but you’ll never see it in the pages of the comic.

During a panel at the New York Comic-Con Thursday, the series creator explained that both readers — and the characters themselves — won’t find out what was behind the deadly (undeadly?) zombie apocalypse:

I’ll never reveal what the source of the outbreak is in the comic. I’m never going to do that. I know what caused it. Any effort to have them become aware of the source would bring the comic into the realm of science fiction and I don’t think that would be necessary.

Kirkman further explains that putting scientist with all the necessary information in the path of the comic’s cast simply wouldn’t fit in with the narrative. It’s never a show (or comic) about the zombies, but more about the people involved in this world.

For those disappointed that they won’t find out what happened to cause this scourge of undead monsters, don’t worry. You may not find out anytime soon, but it won’t be a secret forever. Kirkman humorously explained that if the Image comic ever comes to an end, fans will finally get the satisfaction of knowing his well-guarded secret: “I’ll publish a little book that explains it because I’ll be broke.”

Kirkman also went ahead and spoiled a big loss in the comics that has yet to be published. It’s one of the more well-known “names” we’ve seen recently on the TV show, but not who you would expect. Just know that Negan likely won’t be too happy with the outcome.

(Via Polygon)