‘Aladdin’ Villain Jafar Taunted Ron DeSantis Over Getting Owned By Disney On ‘SNL’ Weekend Update

Donald Trump may be at war with his chief 2024 rival Ron DeSantis, but the Florida governor is already busy being at war with another cultural behemoth: The Walt Disney Company. DeSantis has had out for the company ever since they torched his so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill, even adding a hilarious clause that would thwart him into the far-flung future. But last week he was made a fool of when the company cleverly circumvented his attempt to rob them of jurisdiction over their land. It was a neat trick and SNL found a way to rub it in even further.

On the most recent Weekend Update, Bowen Yang swung by as Jafar, the nefarious, oddly facial haired baddie from one of Disney’s biggest animated hits, Aladdin. Jafar was unimpressed with DeSantis’ attempts to be evil, calling him an easily one-upped “amateur.”

“He has no rizz, no spark, no drip ― the look is giving baby mayor,” Yang’s Jafar declared. He then brought up one of his more humiliating moments: “He did wear those white cowboy boots, but let’s be honest: They wore him.”

He then took aim on his attempts to purge Florida of anything LGBTQIA+. “There’s already a Disney World where nothing gay happens: It’s called Six Flags,” he cracked before directly addressing the “sewer rat” as the lighting turned to crimson.

“Bravo for attempting to sieze our precious land only to be twarted once again by the House of Mouse,” Yang’s Jafar told the governor. “Don’t say gay? Well if there is no gay, there is no Disney. And everyone loves Disney including you ’cause your dumbass got married there.”

It’s true: Tough guy Ron DeSantis got married at Disney World.

You can watch the segment in the video above.