The Russo Brothers Teased Something ‘Community’-Related For Next Week’s Comic-Con


It’s easy to forget this, but the guys who’ve helmed some of the most popular MCU titles — including the current second-highest grossing motion picture of all time (not adjusted for inflation) — weren’t always making movies about guys and gals in spandex. Before they got the job making Captain America: The Winter Solider, brothers Joe and Anthony Russo did comedy. The maiden episode of Arrested Development? Theirs. The Owen Wilson movie that got them jokingly accused of plagiarism by Steely Dan? Ditto.

They even helmed 21 episodes of a different object of nerdly obsession: The beloved and late program called Community. Having just pulled off what almost all Marvel heads consider a satisfying follow-up to Avengers: Infinity War, the Brothers Russo are obviously heading to next week’s San Diego Comic-Con. So what to make of the two videos they recently uploaded to their Twitter feed (as caught by The A.V. Club)?

Yes, that second video boasts the sweet, sweet sounds of Troy and Abed creating beautiful music. The Russos are big fans of dropping mysterious and enigmatic images and videos on social media, breaking the minds of their legions of fans. So what on earth could this mean? Are they using their unimaginable powers to marshal yet another Community revival? Are Danny Pudi and the fairly busy Donald Glover reuniting? Is it simply a playful callback to a show too good for this world?

Anyway, it may be nothing. But what if it’s something?! You now have under a week to recklessly speculate.

(Via The A.V. Club)