‘1883’ Star Sam Elliott Has Apparently Added ‘Yellowstone’ To The List Of Things He Doesn’t Like

Sam Elliott kicked off a sizable wave of controversy earlier in the month after he called Power of the Dog a “piece of sh*t” and took issue with its “allusions of homosexuality,” which recently culminated in director Jane Campion calling him a “B-I-T-C-H” at the DGA Awards. Well, now, Elliott is back with another hot take on a Western production that he doesn’t care for despite being a part of its expanding television universe.

In the interview that keeps on giving, Elliott reportedly slammed Yellowstone during the same WTF with Marc Maron episode where he went off on Power of the Dog and said of the New Zealand-born Campion, “What the f*ck does this woman from down there know about the American West?” Turns out, Elliott also don’t care for Taylor Sheridan‘s take on the American West either. Via Decider:

“I’m not a Yellowstone fan. I don’t watch Yellowstone,” Elliott said. “I love [star Kevin] Costner. There’s a lot of good people on the cast, a few of them I’ve worked with before — nothing against any of them — but it’s just too much like f*cking Dallas or something for me.”

Elliott’s criticism of Yellowstone is interesting because his experience filming the prequel series, 1883, is apparently what spurred him to go after Power of the Dog in the first place. Elliott shot the prequel in Texas where he said he saw “real” ranchers and families who worked the land, and they were nothing like what he saw in the Benedict Cumberbatch film that rubbed him the wrong way.

So, basically, what we’re getting from all of this is Sam Elliott doesn’t like a lot of things. A cold sarsaparilla? Probably. Kevin Costner fighting to save a Montana ranch? Get that soap opera nonsense outta here.

(Via Decider)