Samantha Bee Gleefully Rips On Catholic Hospitals Over How They Drop The Ball On Women’s Health

Samantha Bee has been dug in deep with the current election for the past few weeks, going on the road to visit both conventions and doing special episodes after each of the debates. Monday covered some of the debate, but the main story used it and the Al Smith Dinner to discuss a serious topic related to the Catholic roast. That would be Catholic Hospitals and their treatment of women’s health across the country.

It would seem that the hospital system seems to be ripe ground for the Catholic Church to enter, doing some good while also managing to push their own belief system on treatment. Healthcare and religious belief might seem like good partners, but they run into some serious issues as you can see in the segment above. Women who need medical procedures to avoid pregnancy are turned down, putting their lives at risk, and remove sterilization and contraception options when taking over hospitals from non-Catholic sources.

There’s also plenty of talk about letting a mother die along with her child instead of just doing the termination procedure that could save a life. That’s where the religious aspect of healthcare hits a wall and goes against modern medical thought. I can’t imagine being hit with the news that something could be done, but wouldn’t in regards to saving my life or somebody I cared about — not many people fall into that last category.

(VIa Full Frontal)