Samuel L. Jackson Demonstrates Why He Should Always Be Recapping ‘Game Of Thrones’

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07.13.16 5 Comments

I am aware that Samuel L. Jackson as Jules Winfield is usually the go to image for the man in terms of his most iconic role. I used it for the image outside of the article and it’s the first thing that usually pops in your head when you hear Jackson call someone a mother f*cker — something he does a few times in this video recap for Game of Thrones.

But who it should be in terms of this clip — and who I started visualizing by the middle of the video — is Ordell Robbie and his expansive knowledge of weapons. Accept no substitutes.

Here Jackson shows off some deep, entertaining knowledge of Westeros and the happenings of the series since season one. Cersei is Marie Antoinette, Joffrey is “this mother f*cker” and Bran is just tripping. There’s also apparently no time to show any of the battles we’ve seen on the show amd quite the aversion to showing dragons. But if anything was clear, it’s that Jackson needs to be doing these little recaps on a weekly basis in the next season.

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