A First Look At ‘Scream Queens’ Season 2 Is Here, Idiot Hookers

Let’s take a moment off from overthinking what’s around the bend with American Horror Story, shall we? That’s energy you could be spending overthinking what’s around the bend for season 2 of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s other batsh*t crazy horror TV offering.

Scream Queens will be returning to us shortly (probably a good time to jump in the escape pod if you’re worried about season 1 SPOILERS) and while we’ve been given the occasional glimpse at what’s in store, we’ve reached the “First Look” stage of the promotional fun. Even though the setting has changed and an influx of sexy gentlemen is part of the package, our favourite Chanels appear to have bounced back admirably from the lunacy they went through at the sorority. Considering that Scream Queens occasionally (read: often) has a Glee-esque approach to coherence, it’s okay if you don’t remember the blitz of developments and heads being run over with lawn mowers. Just embrace the strange, enjoy the splatstick and have the occasional think if Jamie Lee Curtis‘ character has mastered LinkedIn.

Nothing too startling has been spilled in the video we have above which mixes interview razzle with footage dazzle. The Chanels are being hustled into working at Dean Munsch’s hospital, John Stamos and Taylor Lautner hold up their end of the hunky doctor equation and there appears to be Twizzlers involved in some sort of “physical comedy gag.” Season 2 will premiere on Fox on September 20.

(Via Variety)