‘Pam & Tommy’ Star Sebastian Stan Is All For Pamela Anderson Telling ‘The Real Story’ On Netflix

Although Hulu’s Pam & Tommy limited series is a blast to watch, the show also arrived with a shadow over it, given that souces kept making it clear that Pamela Anderson had no interest in watching the project. And it’s impossible to blame her for feeling that way, given that the theft (and rampant circulation) of Pam and Tommy Lee’s “home movie” was not only a horrific violation but also dealt heavy blows to her personal and professional life. And Pam stayed silent without giving an official statement on the subject, but this week, she did reveal how she’s teaming up with Netflix to tell “the real story” to the world.

Meanwhile, Sebastian Stan is following up his butt-bearing, animatronicpenis chatting role with Hulu’s Fresh, and he responded to an inquiry from Variety‘s Marc Malkin about Pam’s next move:

I caught up with Stan on Thursday night at the premiere of his new movie “Fresh.” I asked him for his thoughts on the Anderson documentary news. “I think it’s great,” he said. “I’m feeling grateful and hopeful that the show inspired further conversation and another deeper look that it deserves, so I look forward to seeing it.”

There’s surprise there, really, and I mean that in the best way possible. Sebastian’s always ready to entertain different perspectives during interviews, and of course, he wants to further the nuanced discussion that Pam & Tommy embedded within its layers of debauchery. As for Pam, she alluded to how she’s endured “A thousand imperfection, A million misperception” within the public portrayal of her image, and she’s ready to reveal how she’s “[n]ot a victim, but a survivor.”

(Via Variety)