Netflix Announces Exclusive ‘Seinfeld’ Streaming Plans, But Get Ready For A Long Wait


Netflix still remains the reigning streaming king for now, but with services like Disney+ and Apple TV+ preparing to launch in November, the streaming O.G. hopes to gain some sort of lasting competitive edge. And with the impending losses of Friends in 2020 and The Office in 2021, Netflix perhaps felt the need to make a huge chess move to stay competitive by nabbing a mainstay in that same juggernaut-realm.

Well, Netflix accomplished its goal and duly announced that Seinfeld will be exclusively streaming on Netflix … in 2021. So, put it on your calendar?

The “excited dancing” GIF is fitting, yes, but as with any Netflix announcement these days, the tweet’s comments are stuffed full of people who are upset about Netflix no longer producing their favorite original content. There are plenty of angry folks lamenting the streamer’s cancellation of One Day At A Time and The OA. The former series has been picked up elsewhere, although the very passionate fan base of the latter is still hoping that Netflix will come through with a return. The OA actor Jason Isaacs recently revealed that Netflix had planned out five seasons of the series that has been a source of great comfort to fans who say the show helped through personal traumas. Since that revelation, Netflix hasn’t issued a statement on the program.