Seth Meyers Re-Teams With Amy Poehler To Address Former FBI Director James Comey’s Plea To Democrats

Amy Poehler returned to Late Night and Seth Meyers for another edition of “Really!?!,” this time focusing on former FBI Director James Comey. The controversial figure and fan of curtains made quite the impact on the election in 2016 before sticking around with the Trump administration until he joined the list of names fired since Donald Trump was elected. Since then he went public on Twitter, wrote a book, made plenty of media appearances, angered people on all sides, and then decided he could be the moral beacon of democracy in these dark times to fix things in 2018.

His most recent was the call on the democrats not to go running to Socialism following the election of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the residual effects of Bernie Sanders run in 2016.

If this sounds silly to you, you’re likely not alone. Even more, the source of the comments have everybody scratching their heads. That’s where Seth And Amy come in, giving the many folks who still have a tender wound from 2016 a voice in response to Comey — though he had already gotten quite a bit on Twitter from most people.

Poehler also makes sure to get some shots in some guy who hurried her across the street at a crosswalk, saying it’s the very same as James Comey.

“It’s the same thing! Just a couple of dudes, who only care about themselves. They need to shut up, sit down, take a nap, and get a life.”

If anything, she’s pretty worked up. The real funny part is that the guy in that pickup truck — James Comey. What luck!

(Via Late Night)