Seth Meyers Ripped ‘Lunatic’ Republicans For Their ‘No Behavior Too Grotesque’ Defense Of ‘Deeply Stupid Man’ Paul Gosar

Seth Meyers has no love for Paul Gosar. The conspiracy theory-lovin’ Congressman was a main topic of Meyers’ “A Closer Look” segment on Thursday, and with good reason. On Wednesday, Gosar became the 24th person in American history—and the first in more than a decade—to be censured by the House of Representatives and stripped of his committee assignments for tweeting a violent anime video in which he’s seen murdering Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez then going after Joe Biden.

Gosar, whose own sister called him a “sociopath” and whose entire family seems to be disgusted by him, wasn’t about to go down without a fight though. He attempted to defend himself by saying that, “No matter how much the Left tries to quiet me, I will continue to speak out. If I must join Alexander Hamilton, the first person attempted to be censured by this House, so be it. It is done.”

Meyers brushed off the Hamilton comparison and spoke for most people when he said he’d be terrified to hear Gosar rap. But what he really loved about Gosar’s comments is “when these idiots try to sound smart and adopt a defiant tone by using dramatic language like, ‘So be it. It is done.’ You don’t sound like a Founding Father—you sound like Cousin Greg.”

Meyers directly addressed the Republicans who are complaining that this censure is a waste of time by pointing out that“This whole thing would have been much easier and taken up much less time if you’d just been willing to step forward and say, ‘It was a deeply stupid tweet.’ But, to be fair, he is a deeply stupid man.” He went on to say:

“While Democrats were focused on signing a widely popular infrastructure bill into law, these lunatics were defending the insane behavior of one of their most unhinged and reckless members. [Louie] Gohmert offered perhaps the dumbest defense, claiming he tried to freeze the video to see the violence but couldn’t find it… Then there was Matt Gaetz, who tried to dismiss the video in question as just a cartoon while neglecting to mention that it was specifically doctored to make AOC the target of violence.”

Between defending Gosar and attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election results, Meyers lamented that “This is what the modern Republican party is. There’s no behavior too grotesque for them to defend, as five years of Donald Trump proved.”

You can watch the full segment above.