Seth Meyers Prepares For Trump To Address Congress For The First Time

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President Trump is giving his first address as president to congress on Tuesday, and in honor of the occasion Seth Meyers looked at what the president’s agenda might consist of at the event. As some could expect, the potential topics on the docket might not instill the most confidence in the electorate as GOP leaders hope. When he met with the nation’s governors on Monday, Trump talked about the Lincoln Tunnel being ugly which is definitely a solid use of everyone’s time and energy.

Seth also touched on President George W. Bush’s conversation with The Today Show on Monday morning, which many people considered far more eloquent and polished than Trump has been in the first few weeks of his presidency. Make of that what you will. The segment then segued into Trump’s constant and continual attacks on the media, which aren’t becoming any less frequent during his press conferences and speeches.

Those attacks aren’t going away any time soon if the latest leaks are concerned, those leaks being of course about the fact that Sean Spicer is mad about how many leaks there are. The constant stream of leaks to the press probably isn’t making the national media any more palatable to the Trump administration.

Oh, and of course there was a reference to the president ordering a well done steak and eating it with ketchup. That is by far the most important part of this segment, because nobody should every forget that particular travesty no matter what else happens.

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