‘SNL’ Finally Gives ‘Westworld’ Fans A Reason To Watch CNN Everyday


Look, it’s no surprise that CNN repeated itself a lot during the election. Everything is breaking news, everything is split down political lines, and everything features a crew of talking heads squawking over the same points on an hourly basis. It would make sense for these people to actually be robots, which is what SNL does with this sketch that posits that Anderson Cooper and the rest of the CNN fun bunch are really just hosts we see in Westworld.

Worst hosts ever, of course. There’s little to no sex or violence on CNN that isn’t censored, there’s no player piano lining up the latest tunes for guests to listen to while enjoying an adventure, and Ted Turner is a long way from Anthony Hopkins in terms of darkness and acting ability. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Ted Turner was actually a Goofy robot that escaped Euro Disneyland and then managed to land into a fortune.

We all know that robots don’t actually exist, at least not in the way science fiction would want them to. Despite Japan’s best efforts at a sex-bot, we’re still just stuck hoping our Roomba will become self-aware and sweep us off our feet. So this is all just a dream right now. But it really would make a lot of sense to find out that CNN is run by some sort of malfunctioning computer presence. Might explain what happened to Malaysian Flight 370 too.

(Via SNL)