Target Is Your Savior From Family This Thanksgiving According To This Shockingly Honest ‘SNL’ Ad

Past years have been far more lighthearted for SNL in terms of their sketches about returning home for the holidays. There’s always a lot of talk about returning to the small town life and seeing changes, but sometimes you get a musical ode to banging on a childhood bed. Those were the days. This year is not full of cheer, though, at least not for the folks on SNL. They’re still feeling the election blues and showing it through these sketches. It’s a little grating, sure, but this sketch about hanging out at Target transcends the silly election depression and hits at something you can any day of the week if you’re dealing with old fashioned plain depression.

Target does indeed have a massive parking lot to lounge around in, possibly even enough space to grill and hang out with some tunes. And while the inside of the store isn’t as big as Walmart typically, you can still find some little nooks to hide in or occupy until security decides you need to leave. Taking a few bean bag chairs and just plopping down in electronics is a fine time away from your family, away from the questions about when you’re going to get married, and whatever thought they have about the election.

The making eye contact with other people in the parking lot thing is the only false part of the ad. If you make eye contact with another person, it is your duty to steal their soul for The Quickening that follows. They’ll no doubt be trying to the same against you. Best be quick about it.

(Via SNL)