‘SNL’ Makes The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade The Terrifying Experience You’ve Always Expected It To Be

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11.20.16 2 Comments

It wasn’t too long ago that someone was discussing the propsect of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade balloons coming to life and terrorizing people. Well it didn’t take long for SNL to take the idea and run with it in a sketch that really pushed the fear factor to the brink thanks to Bobby Moynihan as one creepy ass clown. It’s like Pennywise meets Bozo to become a classic parade balloon, striking terror into the hearts of this family with some help from Madeline and Woody from Toy Story.

Not only that, but poor Kristin Chenoweth is basically murdered by Kristen Wiig’s balloon with no real explanation. I wouldn’t want to sit through one of those parade musical performances either, but that’s no reason to kill one of America’s musical treasures. There’s no backstory for why these balloons have come to life, but I like to think it’s a Maximum Overdrive situation. There’s either an alien menace or some sort of radioactive presence from space that is forcing our balloons to turn on their masters, slaughtering everybody in sight along their determined parade route. It’s a Thanksgiving terror the likes we’ve never seen.

It’s either that or someone was just trying to think of anything Thanksgiving for a sketch and came up with balloons that come to life. It’s also another excuse for Bobby Moynihan to toss on some makeup in this episode and/or act silly. He was pretty much everywhere.

(Via SNL)

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