The Rock Makes A Strong And Increasingly Scary Case For A Male Enhancement Drug In This Hilarious ‘SNL’ Ad

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05.21.17 2 Comments

Future President and eventual Galactic Emperor (accept it) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson put in a stellar performance on Saturday night when he joined the Five-Timers Club at Studio-8H. Not only that, but he brought a virtuoso boner pill commercial performance to the table too.

Nestled into the season finale of SNL was a lovely goof-n-a-spoof of prescription drug ads that escalates with every detail dished out by our 50+ construction guy (played by Johnson) as he explains the path he took to get his confidence back due to erectile dysfunction. For the first 30 seconds, the ad hits the reliable points you’d expect of an ad destined to pop up during NCIS, but once we learn more about the drug, it sounds like The Rock’s construction dude’s boners might not be with the drug’s hassle.

“So I asked my doctor about Xentrex and he said ‘Xentrex? What the hell is Xentrex?'” explains our muscly everyman. “And I said Xentrex. It’s the strongest male enhancement drug in the world and it works.”

Doctors may not be crazy about Xentrex, but at least it comes with all these cool side effects.

NBC/Broadway Video

On paper it’s a pretty straightforward brand of parody, but in practice this faux pharmaceutical ad has a bunch of fun little touches and turns. I chortled like a big chortling dummy a bunch of times during this zippy video sketch. Please consult a physician before taking medication adjacent male enhancement drugs from Bobby Moynihan, please.

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