Colin Jost Wonders If Don Jr. Wears His Dad’s ‘Dirty And Stretched Out’ Old Underwear In This Week’s ‘SNL’ Weekend Update

The midterms are just a few dozen hours away, and both Democrats and Republicans are sweating as the hours tick away. While the upcoming election — which could see a quack TV doctor and/or an anti-abortion advocate who’s apparently paid for multiple abortions become official American lawmakers — was definitely at the forefront of the hearts and minds of Saturday Night Live’s cast and crew last night (as seen in their cold open), Colin Jost was a little preoccupied with Donald Trump Jr.’s nasty drawers, and with good reason.

Jost explained that Joe Biden had issued a warning about the midterms, and noted that the number of Republicans who have already stated that they will not accept the results of races where the GOP doesn’t triumph could put us on a “path to chaos.” But the Weekend Update co-host spoke for many of us when he asked:

“So wait, this is just the path to chaos? I thought we’d been living in chaos for at least six years. I mean, Nancy Pelosi’s husband was attacked in their home by a guy with a hammer and instead of even basic sympathy, Republicans were like, ‘We heard he gay!’”

What was perhaps even more disturbing to Jost wasn’t that Donald Trump Jr. mocked the attempted murder of an 82-year old man, but the props with which he did it—“an image of a hammer and a pair of underpants with the message ‘Got my Paul Pelosi Halloween costume ready,’” Jost explained.

Since the visibly dingy tighty-whities didn’t look like something Spirit Halloween was hawking, Jost was really dying to know more about the knickers in question. Specifically: “Don Jr., is that your underwear, man? Why is it so dirty and stretched out? Like, you were trying to burn Paul Pelosi, but now I’m just wondering if you wear your dad’s old underwear.” Which probably wouldn’t be the most pathetic thing Don Jr. has ever done to get his father’s attention.

You can watch the full clip above.