‘SNL’ Weekend Update Blasted Marjorie Taylor Greene And Begged Donald Trump To Testify At His Second Impeachment Trial

The latest Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live started with jokes about the current president, but it still can’t escape the pull of Donald Trump’s presidency. Which is probably why the highlights were cracks at Trump and his most unhinged follower elected to congress, Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Greene was stripped of her committee seats in the US House of Representatives earlier in the week, and Update made sure to mock her for that and the various conspiracy theories she has supported that led to the rebuke from Democrats. Michael Che joked that all those beliefs made her his “type” before issuing support for a conspiracy theory that seems much less immediately harmful to the health of the republic.

“I’m kidding, anyone who believes in those crazy conspiracies would have to be as blind as Stevie Wonder is pretending to be,” Che said.

The segment also covered the Fox News election fraud lawsuit, and called Donald Trump a “former social media influencer,” which drew applause. But the biggest laugh line came when Colin Jost begged Trump to reconsider his refusal to testify in his second impeachment trial in the Senate.

“I think I speak for all of us when I say ‘Come on, please?” Jost asked. “Give us one last show, man. You know? Stop feeling sorry for yourself, put in your extensions and bust into that trial like it’s Maury Povich and you are not the father.”

Later in the segment, SNL cracked a Morgan Wallen joke at Jost’s expense, though the show did let the musical guest who broke coronavirus safety protocols issue an apology by way of song just a few months before his hate speech controversy made him newsworthy once again.

It seems unlikely that he’ll get a chance at a second apology song for this particular incident, but you never know.