Stephen Colbert Is The Latest To Go Undercover At Wrigley Field As A Hot Dog Vendor

It’s a good time to be a Cubs fan. Chicago’s Senior Circuit ball club nabbed the NL Central title, appear poised to slaughter in the playoffs and spectators continue to make breakthroughs in the field of butt-related excitement. If it weren’t for the crippling dread that something horrible is destined to happen, we’d say it’s been a great year to be a Cubs fan. Heck, they even have a popular late night dealing out hot dogs at Wrigley these days.

Late Show host and future glasses model Stephen Colbert went undercover at Wrigley Field as hot dog vendor “Donnie Franks.” As you can see from the pic of Colbert and Cubs manager Joe Maddon, Colbert’s disguise might remind of a certain someone. The Washington Post nailed it when they described the look as: “like a disheveled Robert Downey Jr.” To be fair, dealing out franks every summer puts some years on a guy. Or a costume.

Going “undercover” isn’t always the most discreet operation when you’re being followed around by a TV crew, but aside from his Undercover Boss approach to facial hair styling, Colbert did have his disguise in order. If there was one hiccup with Colbert’s not-so-secret gig at Wrigley, it was that the Cubs gave up 11 unanswered runs in that afternoon’s 11-3 throttling at the hands of the lowly Milwaukee Brewers. Let the paranoia over an inexplicable curse brought on by noted Cubs fan Stephen Colbert begin!

Here are some more pics of “Donny Franks” in action. Feel free to compare and contrast his disguise versus Theo Epstein‘s in the comments.

(Via NBC Chicago & Washington Post)