Steve Martin Has Been Invited To Come On ‘Jeopardy!’ After People Noticed A Recent Winner Is His Doppelganger

Amy Schneider recently took a bit of a break from her incredible Jeopardy! streak so the show could segue into its Professors Tournament. (Then she came back Monday and continued to kick ass.) That, too, saw a star emerge: Sam Buttrey, an associate professor at the Naval Postgraduate School, who not only dominated the special cycle (and took home $100,000, too), but also scored a spot in the upcoming Tournament of Champions. But Buttrey won something else: People thought he looked an awful lot like Steve Martin.

There was someone else who noticed the similarity: Martin himself. The legendary comic and actor, who recently earned raves for the Hulu show Only Murders in the Building, took to Twitter to joke about his doppelganger.

“So great to split the prize money with Sam!” Martin wrote. His tweet did not escape Jeopardy! brass, who tried to get him to swing by.

“We would love to have you on Jeopardy! anytime, in any capacity!” the show’s social media account wrote.

Mind you, they didn’t necessarily offer him a hosting gig. Those are currently filled by Mayam Bialik and Ken Jennings, who are scheduled to switch off duties until the end of this current season. Then who knows what will happen! Perhaps Martin will relieve them of duty for a one-off. He’s a smart guy, and a former philosophy major and everything. Or maybe he can just swing by to play banjo and talk about how Selena Gomez introduced him to “WAP.”

(Via EW)