‘Stranger Things’ Becomes A Much Sillier Show Thanks To A New Bad Lip Reading

Have you ever been in a waiting room, watching the muted TV on the wall and tried to make out what the people on it are saying? Assuming you took the task as seriously as you should have, you probably came up with a bunch of lighthearted nonsense. That’s what the people behind Bad Lip Reading do all the time. They’re renowned for putting new words into the mouths of pop culture heroes and villains, and now they’ve done it again, this time with one of the finest Indiana-set shows of the past few years: Stranger Things, which was recently renewed for a fourth season.

The Bad Lip Reading folks have already done a big Stranger Things video, but that was two years ago, and a lot of things have happened in Hawkins since then — a whole season’s worth of things. Although the 14-minute video doesn’t use footage from the recent third season, there’s plenty of new content here, all of which is decidedly not canon.

The video starts with Eleven collapsing and struggling to identify Mike, calling him a stubborn donkey, a building, a chicken pot pie, and an armless magician, ultimately not coming up with an answer. You can’t blame El: Nothing in the Bad Lip Reading version of Hawkins makes much sense. But at least this silliness brings some momentary relief from the constant misfortune that befalls this fictional town.