‘Stranger Things’ Gets An ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Opening And It’s Just About Perfect

When it comes to scoring a viral, bingeworthy hit, Netflix’s Stranger Things hits the mark without issue. Between Winona Ryder’s performance and enough ’80s nostalgia to fill a few extra dimensions, the popular mini-series is sure to nab a second season sometime in the near future. Until then, fans will have to make due with everything the internet’s incessant need for memes is guaranteed to produce — like the coveted It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia mashup.

If Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace can get the It’s Always Sunny treatment, then why not David Harbour’s Jim Hopper, the police chief of Hawkins, Indiana? Surely his authoritative — if not over the top — lectures against the friendly practice of biking around town, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and fighting off inter-dimensional mushroom monsters warrant the familiar music and episode captions that It’s Always Sunny know and love.

Besides, the fantastic mashup above begs the question — if Dennis, Sweet Dee, Charlie, Mac and Frank discovered a connection between their bar and the “Upside-Down,” wouldn’t fans want them to investigate? That, or at least send Rickety Cricket through the inter-dimensional rift first? Surely the former man of God would survive the mushroom’s nefarious, murdery ways…

(Via Juan Carlos Pelayo on YouTube)