03.22.10 9 years ago 29 Comments

Holy crap, there was a lot going on on TV last night. Not only were people all a-Twitter about the NCAA tournament and the health care reform debate, but there was some absolutely amazing cable programming as well. Such as:

LIFE (Discovery) — I got goosebumps just watching the teaser intro before it started (see video below). Just hours and hours of high-definition animals in slow-motion; I often found myself with my jaw agape. My only suggestion for improvement: Oprah out as narrator, Sam Elliott in.

BREAKING BAD (AMC) — Depending on who you trust at Ownage du Cinema, the season premiere was either a disappointment that “lacked the sense of relentless forward motion which so characterized the first two seasons” or OWNAGE that provided “VALUABLE LIFE LESSONS IN THE REALM OF OWNAGE.” Regardless, everyone should be able to agree that there’s no denying the power of the final scene.

THE PACIFIC (HBO) — I am no longer qualified to write about this with any pretense of objectivity. Watching a recreation of John Basilone’s heroics that won him the Medal of Honor — an act that has grown from history to legend to religious event in Marine Corps lore — was, for me, like a devout Christian watching The Passion of the Christ: it doesn’t matter what details are changed for dramatic effect, because any critical judgment is overpowered by the emotion from actually seeing an event that lived only in your mind for so long. I have no idea if this show works for anyone who didn’t serve in the Marines, and frankly I don’t really care. It works for me, and that’s good enough.

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