Rainn Wilson Had A Dundie-Worthy Response To Taylor Swift Using A GIF From ‘The Office’

In the early days of quarantine, Taylor Swift plopped herself in front of the television and didn’t move for hours. Celebs: they’re just like us!

“I started watching lots of films,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “We would watch a different movie every night. I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t seen Pan’s Labyrinth before. One night I’d watch that, then I’d watch L.A. Confidential, then we’d watch Rear Window, then we’d watch Jane Eyre.” Swift also called The Office, along with Dawson’s Creek, one of her “quarantine binge shows,” which make sense. She’s a Netflix subscriber (presumably) in 2020: of course she’s watching The Office (at least until it moves to Peacock). Swift even used a GIF of Dwight Schrute blubbering out “thank you” to respond to Spin calling her new album, Evermore, an “undeniable folk-pop masterpiece.”

The tweet caught the attention of the actor who played Dwight on The Office, Rainn Wilson. “I do not know who this is. Inventor of the Swiffer?” he wrote. Swift replied to the singer-songwriter with a GIF of Jim Halpert saying “touché,” even if Michael’s “Dwight, you ignorant slut” would have been more appropriate. The Office‘s official Twitter account also got in on the fun, tweeting, “Not to be confused with Justice Beaver.”

Swift and Billie Eilish need to have an Office trivia-off immediately.