‘Ted Lasso’ Star Brendan Hunt Missed Meeting One Of His Comedy Heroes Due To A Poorly Timed Emmys Pee Break

The 2021 Emmys were an event to remember for the Ted Lasso gang, with a whopping 20 nominations for the series earning the cast a collective seven wins. But not everything was perfect for one star of the Apple TV series, which is gearing up for a third and potentially final season later this year.

According to Coach Beard himself, writer and actor Brendan Hunt, the festivities were a “super tense” evening that had its ups and downs. Until the wild afterparty where the gang celebrated its big wins. In an interview with Consequence, Hunt detailed the evening, its highlights, and also meeting some very big stars that left him “frozen.” In fact, Hunt said he couldn’t bring himself to mingle with all of the other nominees and guests because he was so nervous.

The Emmys for me were like in two parts — the part of the night after which I had drunk enough and the part before because getting there, I was super tense. Something that I didn’t know is that you can just go up to the tables of other shows, because it was set up in a way that’s not usually the set up, but you could go over there and you could just say hello to those people. But I just sat there super duper tense.

Hunt did do some small talk eventually, though it was someone who came over to the Ted Lasso table and started chatting. He told the story in a very self-deprecating way, of course, noting that Sir Patrick Stewart probably just wanted to talk to Jason Sudeikis. But he also noted that he completely whiffed on seeing someone he definitely wanted to meet: Paul Reiser.

At one point Patrick Stewart comes to our table — he’s looking at me and I’m like, “Oh, [gasp] Patrick Stewart.” But then I realize, oh, he’s looking at me because Jason’s currently talking to someone else and he’s killing time here. And I go, “Uh, just one moment, Mr. Stewart,” and then [whispers] “Hey Jason, pay attention to Patrick Stewart.” I was just frozen.

Also, Paul Reiser came to our table and Paul Reiser was one of the guys I most wanted to meet, but I was peeing. I missed Paul Reiser.

It seems like only a matter of time before the two meet, especially if Season 3 of Ted Lasso is anywhere as decorated as its predecessor. You can only go to so many award shows and not run into Paul Reiser, right?

[via Consequence]