‘The Boys’ Have Seized Control Of The ‘This Claim Is Disputed’ Meme With A Perfect Response

Garth Ennis wrote The Boys comic nearly 15 years ago, and yet, it couldn’t be more relevant during our current situation(s). That’s especially the case when members of the MAGA crowd completely misinterpret Homelander (who’s the baddest Supe of all) and decide to dress up as the character at Trump-themed events. That’s the kind of shenanigan that made showrunner Eric Kripke and Homelander actor Antony Starr wonder if those people had ever really watched The Boys. And on another Trump-related front, his conspiracy-laden tweets keep getting slapped with Twitter’s “This Claim About Election Fraud Is Disputed” warning.

That warning (and Trump’s willingness to continue ALL-CAPS-ing lies to his devotees, regardless) has inspired Twitter users to hatch the “this claim is disputed” meme for their own unsubstantiated, clearly false claims.

Well, The Boys is here with their own version of the meme with a tweet that reads, “The world needs more Supes!” That nonsense is followed by a warning that says, “This claim is a load of f*cking horse sh*t. F*ck Supes and f*ck Vought.”

Man, I love it when Billy Butcher starts tweeting. (It would have been even better if the account had added a play on words, “And f*ck Jon Voight” for good measure, since he’s been spewing venomous conspiracies lately, too, but yep, I’m definitely asking too much here. A perfect tweet is already a perfect tweet.)