‘The Boys’ Season 4: Everything We Know So Far Including The Release Date, Trailer & More

When The Boys debuted in 2019, the world was more than ready for how the show skewered superheroes in manner of Garth Ennis comic books. This themes and the series’ tone felt timely despite Ennis beginning to publish the source material in 2005, and nowadays, it’s incredible to behold that Amazon is doing hero-villain stories in a more enduring manner than those former juggernauts known as the MCU and the DC(E)U. Some audience members like a little bite, you know? And as it turns out, there’s a lot of those viewers.

Likewise, The Boys is thankfully addicted to the momentum and shows no signs of running out of debauched tales to tell. Going into 2024, we have witnessed how Gen V is also harnessing that energy for the younger generation of Supes, and a certain set of cameos suggests a few directions that The Boys will go during their fourth outing.

Now, let’s talk more about what to expect from The Boys‘ next season.


We gotta discuss stories, but first, obviously, we should expect some “crazy sh*t” to happen in the way that only The Boys brand can pull off. Prosthetic penis guru (and VFX wizard) Stephan Fleet has teased this telltale aspect because of course: “I’m excited for the cast of @TheBoysTV to see the crazy sh*t I’m cooking up in VFX! They really put a lot of trust in me.” Uh oh.

Some new Supes are also on tap for this season, as we discuss in the casting section below, but more to the point, the show will need to follow up on the “Herogasm” (RIP to poor Mother’s Milk’s jacket) episode after successfully outdoing The Whale and The Octopus scenes. The new bar seems higher/lower to overcome, yes? Clearly, there’s an art to pushing the envelope further and further without sending it into a paper shredder.

Thus far as well, we know that the show must reckon with how Homelander killed a dude in broad daylight at the end of Season 3. And as The Boys revealed on Twitter, the show picks up shortly after the events of Gen V, which included a credits scene that showed Billy Butcher stumbling upon knowledge of the Supe virus, and Homelander will go to trial for that homicide thing. Naturally, he has the full support of Vought International and will probably skate (because he can do whatever the f*ck he wants). As well, the show is recommending that you watch both shows, but you don’t have to do so.

(Only watch both shows if you want maximum enjoyment.)

Then there’s the matter of Antony Starr’s show-stopping cameo revealing that he framed the mayhem of the finale in a way that suits him. As such, Cate and Sam are the “heroes” of that massacre, and perhaps one/both of them shall replace the defecting Starlight and/or the “dead” (i.e., retiring) Queen Maeve. It seems likely that Homelander will use the massacre (and his apparent role in halting it) to serve his own freedom, and pulling in some willing and impressionable now-Bad Supes would only further cement his role as leader of The Seven. After all, Homelander ain’t no dummy.

Also, do not expect everything to be rosy between the vigilantes. Butcher and Hughie kinda went off the rails with their newfound Compound V habits, and that screwed up some dynamics and probably their health. As well, actor Laz Alonso, who portrays Mother’s Milk, told us that his character and Butcher have some “unfinished business” because “Butcher teaming up with Soldier Boy was not cool to MM.” That goes back to the trauma that MM suffered before becoming one of The Boys, and hopefully, that will all be fleshed out more in this upcoming season.


Former Supernatural actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan will finally follow on the heels of Jensen Ackles (who may or may not be back as Soldier Boy) in reuniting with Eric Kripke for a mystery role. This is understood to be a small role (Morgan has been busy with The Walking Dead: Dead City) that the show has teased with much photoshop f*ckery. The character reveal still remains under wraps, although we know from Gen V that he won’t be portraying Tek Knight (unless there are somehow two of them).

As mentioned above, two new Supes have been confirmed to be joining Vought’s public rosters. They include Firecracker, played by Valorie Curry (Veronica Mars), and Sister Sage, portrayed by Susan Heyward (Orange Is The New Black). Additionally, speculation exists on whether Nathan Mitchell will suit up again as the late Black Noir, who might be a different Black Noir? Stay tuned on that note.

Returning cast members include, of course, Starr as Homelander, Erin Moriarty as Annie January/Starlight, Chace Crawford as The Deep, Jessie T. Usher as A-Train, Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, Jack Quaid as Hughie, Laz Alonso as Mother’s Milk, Karen Fukuhara as Kimiko, Tomer Capone as Frenchie, Colby Minifie as Ashley, and Claudia Doumit (who we now know is a bloodbender) as Victoria Neuman. Watch out — she might explode even more heads.

Release Date

Sometime in 2024, baby. This was confirmed by lead “Supebuster” Billy Butcher in his own special way:

“The following statement was released today by Billy Butcher, through his mate Hugh Campbell, who is much better at this technology shite, former employee of the Federal Bureau of Superhuman Affairs (‘C*NTs’) located in New York, NY, in response to Season 4, coming in 2024: ‘Oi, we’re f*ckin’ back.'”

That might seem like too long, but it’s a damn fine pace considering all that Hollywood has been through in 2023. Also, we received Gen V to connect some dots, and surely, Billy Butcher will surely tell us more soon.


Also! Have some Gen V bloopers featuring Homelander.

We don’t know when The Boys will (precisely) be back, but we are checking on this perhaps too often and will keep you posted.