‘The Chi’: With ‘Mo’ Douda,’ Comes ‘Mo’ Problems’ In Season 6, Episode 2

(WARNING: Spoilers for the most recent The Chi episode will be found below.)

There are new relationships to take note of in season six of The Chi after its first episode. Emmett is no longer with Tiffany as he and Keisha have finally made things work for a relationship that isn’t toxic and a blended family seems to be beneficial for everyone involved. Emmett is also in business with Douda who recently invested in Smokey’s, though as with all things related to Douda, his investment doesn’t seem to be as genuine as one would like to assume. Papa ended things with Maisha, and he now has his eyes set on Kenya, his older coworker at Smokey’s. Bakari is living with Papa, whose family has taken him in as a second son, and he’s working with Douda who is paying him to play the role of his eyes and ears to the streets. Kevin has caught feelings for Maisha who seems to feel the same way and lastly, Tiffany and Rob think they’ve found a better marijuana supplier for their business, but this supplier is offering them something better.

In the second episode of The Chi season titled, titled “Mo’ Douda, Mo’ Problems,” Victor appears in office for his first day as city councilman where surprised by Jamal, Lynae’s older brother who was sent to jail for a fight. Jamal sought Victor’s help in leading him back to Lynae so he can reconnect with his sister. Tiffany finds out that Dante, a client who buys marijuana from her, has found someone, a man named Kyro, who sells better weed than her. She initially believes that this man will take her spot, but Kyro instead wants to show her how to grow great and enjoyable weed. She eventually gets Rob onboard with the idea, but they need money to go through with. He asks his wealthy mother for a loan of $100,000, and she instead offers to give him the money as long as he can find (and possibly kill) the person who murdered her brother Quentin.

Elsewhere, Papa’s feelings for Kenya grow after he finds out that she’s a preacher’s kid just like him. While her feelings are reciprocated, she stands firm on not going out on a date with him until he turns 18, which won’t be for a few months. Emmett continues to dig a deeper hole of debt in his relationship with Douda as Emmett allows him to contribute to a down payment for a new house for him and Keisha. Lastly, Kevin and Maisha work to figure out what their next steps will be after their kiss.

Here are some of the biggest takeaways that we have after season six’s second episode, “Mo’ Douda, Mo’ Problems”:

Papa, Patience Is A Virtue!

Now that his relationship with Maisha (we’ll get to her in a second) is a thing of the past, Papa has his eyes set on a new woman. Kenya is a new worker at Smokey’s, and though she’s a bit older than him, it hasn’t stopped him from fall more and more for her by the day. For what it’s worth, it’s clear why Papa has taken a liking to Kenya. They have similar interests and backgrounds, like being the children of preachers in Chicago. While Kenya, who is 19, has made it clear that she also has some feelings for Papa, she also made it clear that she will not go out on a date with him until he turns 18, which won’t be for a few months. For Kenya, that doesn’t seem to be too long of a wait for her, but for Papa, it’s the most grueling and excrutiating wait ever.

As the saying goes, good things come to those that wait and patience is indeed a virtue. So Papa, hold it down and keep it together until your 18th, where indeed, a good thing will come to you.

Emmett Needs Some Discernment

It wasn’t enough for Emmett to get into business with Douda despite everything he’s done in the Chicago streets over the past five seasons of The Chi. It wasn’t enough to allow Douda to literally dress Emmett with a suit he owns for the young man’s new role as a successful business. It wasn’t enough when Emmett watched Douda kill a man for chewing his gum too loud. So what does Emmett do going forward? He gets Douda to not only connect him with a realtor for a nice deal on the house, but he also allows Douda to contribute to the down payment on the house. Sure, Emmett is on his way to having everything thanks to Douda, but one thing Douda won’t buy for him is discrenment.

There comes a point where Emmett has to realize that he’s well on his way to owning a minority portion of the life he dreamed about having forever. At that point you have to ask, what’s the point of having all of this if it’s not mine to own? Emmett has yet to show a flash of discrenment in the five seasons of The Chi, but at least with his past actions, we could blame his youth and immaturity. That’s not the case any more, but maybe one day he’ll get it together.

'The Chi' S6 E2 Emmett Keisha

Kevin Won’t Be Happy Playing It Safe

Kevin was ready to lay his feelings for Maisha on the line in “Mo’ Douda, Mo’ Problems.” This wasn’t the case a few seasons ago when Maisha initially expressed her feelings for Kevin, but now their feelings are mutual. The two shared a kiss in the opening episode of season six, but just as Kevin was ready to make his feelings clear, he decided against it as Maisha turned down a kiss from him and expressed how she didn’t want her music aspirations to be derailed by a relationship. Kevin complies and even says he’s also too busy for a relationship, something that we know is false as he recently came out of one that didn’t end on his terms.

Just like he did with his apartment, Kevin has to fight for what he wants in order to give him chance to have it. He didn’t let his mom and stepmom keep him away from the apartment without his take, and he should at least express his feelings to Maisha before giving up on what they might have. Keeping his feelings in secret won’t go so well in the long run as they’ll come out whether or not he’s ready for them to.

Rob & Bakari Have To Decide Want Money Can And Can’t Buy

Rob and Bakari are in sticky positions in their respective worlds. Rob and Tiffany want to start their own marijuana-growing business, but they don’t have the funds for it at the moment. Rob reaches out to her mother for a $100,000 loan, and she agrees to just give it to him as long as he can make sure that her brother Quentin’s killer (who we know is Douda) pays for what they did. She even suggests that Rob has to be the one to kill him. As for Bakari, he’s been working with Douda lately as his eyes and ears to the streets. The money he gets from him is good, but now it’s clear that he’s in a compromising position as he watches Douda, unsuccessfully, try to bride Papa’s father and his church. Bakari has been staying at Papa’s house for some time, and Papa’s family has even taken him in as a second son. As a result, Bakari is upset by the move from Douda, who reminds Bakari that he works for him.

With this, Rob and Bakari have to decide if the money at hand is worth the work they will have to do for it. For Rob, is $100,000 to help kickstart his and Tiffany’s marijuana business worth killing or having Douda killed? For Bakari, is trading away the love and support he’s received from Papa’s family worth Douda’s money? They’ll have to look within to figure it out, but once a decision is made, they won’t be able to change their mind and turn back on it.

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