‘The Daily Show’ Asks Ugandans If They Would Vote For A Dictator Or Donald Trump

We’ve reached the point in the election where Donald Trump is likely going to win the GOP nomination and I take the blame. I have my doubts any of the GOP candidates can win the general election, but what do I know? I’m writing about Jimmy Fallon every night and I’m burnt out on the Trump circus that has gripped almost every media outlet. I can’t be trusted.

What I’m never burned out on is African dictators and their crazy antics. Sort of a laughing in the face of pure craziness fascination that makes our political process look like child’s play in comparison. Or it did before Trump.

That’s why The Daily Show decided to highlight the current situation in Uganda and perform a little comparison between the politics there and our own presidential race, asking people if they prefer their current leader or Donald Trump. And to be honest, they seem split.

Carrying a dictator around on a couch while he runs against his former doctor to win his fifth term doesn’t make a presidential candidate calling another candidate a p*ssy seem that strange. And when it comes to having to choose one over the other, most of the Ugandans interviewed seem to prefer either being hanged or noting that the choice is impossible.

“That would be like asking a Muslim if they would have bacon or ham.”

We’ve officially crossed the line with this election and it’s going to be impossible to pull up before the crash.

(Via The Daily Show)