‘The Office’ Put Together An Official Supercut Of The ‘Big Tuna’ Himself, Jim Halpert

While the question of whether The Office‘s Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) was actually a “good guy” considering recent events in popular culture, the character and his many, many pranks remain one of fans’ most endearing memories five years after the hit NBC series went off the air. The “Big Tuna” remains one of the show’s most memorable characters, and seeing as how its official social media accounts have continued producing some fun content (like their “Making a Strangler” documentary), it’s no surprise a Jim supercut was on the docket.

Everything nostalgic viewers could possibly want is here. Turning Dwight’s interrogation against him, telling Pam he loved her for the first time, the origin of his nickname, the moment the happy couple found out they were pregnant — all the hits have been cobbled together into a single 10-minute video by NBC’s social media team. Of course, there are plenty of equally hilarious or moving scenes that were left out, so fans and detractors alike will just have to duke it out in the comments over what they thought deserved inclusion.

Though let’s be honest, Jim leading a “Voldemort” chant against Dwight’s team in the “Beach Games” episode is an absolute necessity. Nothing can replace it.