How ‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Reacted To The Show’s Emotionally Gutting Deaths


Spoilers for this week’s The Walking Dead will be found below.

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead, compared to the Red Wedding episode of Game of Thrones, delivered arguably the biggest series of blows in the show’s nine seasons. During the episode, Alpha paid a visit to the Festival, and after a confrontation with her daughter, Lydia, Alpha and The Whisperers absconded with numerous captives, killing them all — except for Siddiq — cutting off their heads, impaling them on pikes and officially marking their territory with a fence of decapitated heads.

When all was said and done, The Whisperers had killed Alec, Ozzy, DJ, Frankie, Tammy Rose, Rodney, Adeline, Enid, Tara, and Henry. The last three were particularly surprising because, in the comics, the big names on those stakes were Ezekiel, Rosita, and Luke, which meant that Angela Kang not only devastated The Walking Dead audience but threw comic-book readers for a loop, especially considering the misdirect where it concerns Rosita’s pregnancy earlier in the season.

Ultimately, the hardest part of the reveal was not the deaths themselves, but the reaction of those who found the piked heads: Yumika, Michonne, Daryl, and especially Carol, who had already lost one child and now had to lose another.

The reaction of The Walking Dead fans could best be described as stunned. Even before that scene came, viewers could sense something about was about to go down.


And when the row of heads finally arrived, Twitter lost its mind.

How will members of The Hilltop, Alexandra, Oceanside, and The Kingdom recover after losing ten of their own? Who will replace Tara as the head of The Hilltop? Will Carol survive another heartbreaking child’s death? Tune into this Sunday’s season finale to find out.