AMC Has Revealed When Production Will Resume On ‘The Walking Dead’ And ‘Fear The Walking Dead’

It has been a very long time since we’ve seen a new episode in The Walking Dead universe. April 5th, to be exact. Thankfully, AMC is putting the finishing touches on what was supposed to be the 10th season finale, but is now just the 16th episode of the season. That will finally air on October 4th, while showrunner Angela Kang has also announced that season 10 will be extended by six episodes, which will air in 2021. Nothing official has been announced, but it is my guess that the extended 10th season of The Walking Dead will air in the Spring of 2021, and the 11th season of the series will kick off in its usual spot in October, a year off its originally scheduled date.

Meanwhile, the sixth-season premiere Fear the Walking Dead has also been scheduled. It will air on the following week, October 11th, and it will continue to share Sunday nights with the spin-off series, The Walking Dead: The World Beyond, which will explicitly tie The Walking Dead universe to the Rick Grimes movies. What isn’t clear, however, is how many episodes of Fear the Walking Dead are ready to go when the series resumes, and if a full sixth season will air.

We don’t have exact answers to that question, but we do now know that Fear the Walking Dead will (try) to resume production on the sixth season. In fact, it’s set to resume production this month, while The Walking Dead will start filming those six The Walking Dead episodes beginning in October. That is, according to AMC CEO Josh Sapan. From Deadline:

AMC Networks said it plans to restart production on the second half of Season 6 of Fear the Walking Dead in Texas in late August, on new series Kevin Can F*** Himself in Boston at the end of September, and on Season 11 of The Walking Dead in Georgia in October.

The Walking Dead films in Georgia, where Tyler Perry has been in production for a number of weeks while in a bubble. Meanwhile, several other high-profile projects are raring to go in Atlanta, as well, like Netflix’s Red Notice with Dwayne Johnson and the final season of Ozark. Meanwhile, with the number of coronavirus cases continuing to climb in Texas, it is not clear when or how Fear will get started — there are not yet any Instagram photos from cast in Texas, so it’s unlikely they are in Austin yet. However, the rapid spit test developed by the NBA and Yale University and recently approved by the FDA could make resuming production in Texas, Georgia, and everywhere else much easier.

Source: Deadline