A ‘The Walking Dead’ Star Has Fired Off The Best (And Grossest) Reply To The Show On Twitter


AMC’s The Walking Dead issued a perfectly innocent tweet, and one of the show’s stars enjoyed replying far too much, and that’s good for everyone. The actor in question, former Sons of Anarchy star Ryan Hurst (RIP Opie can’t be said enough), plays one of the key members of The Whisperers, who have been compared to a certain heavy metal band for good reason. Hurst embodies Beta, who’s the right-hand man for Samantha Morton’s Alpha. He’s fiercely loyal and doesn’t mind wasting his face behind a rotting mask made from zombie flesh. It’s a horrific sight and one that the universe’s fans have enjoyed, even while watching (and listening to) Beta peel the skin off a zombie’s skull in what was easily one of the most disgusting scenes in The Walking Dead‘s history.


Well, Hurst stayed in character while witnessing the show’s adoringly tweeted talk-show photo of cast member Ross Marquand (Aaron). “How could you not love this face?” asked the caption.

Hurst dropped an incredible answer: “Easy…until I peel it off and wear it.”

A damn solid tweet there, and the replies are full of people marveling and doing the sign of the cross, but one ambiguous response came from Garret Dillahunt (Fear The Walking Dead‘s John Dorie), who apparently assessed that Hurst is “[s]till not doing enough yoga.”

An inside joke, perhaps? Our resident The Walking Dead expert, Dustin Rowles, has confirmed that no yoga scenes have gone down on either of the franchise’s AMC series, which might seem obvious, but you never know. Even a zombie apocalypse could use a little “namaste.”