‘The White Lotus’ Season 3: Let’s Take A Really Early Look At Where Things Could Go Next

Even though season two of The White Lotus ended mere hours ago, fans are already eagerly awaiting news about which beautiful city guests will be visiting (and dying in) next. While there is no telling how many White Lotus hotels are out there, we can assume that the resort has a Marriot-like vibe with locations all around there world, meaning that there could be a never-ending number of seasons. Is there a White Lotus in New York or California? How about the Jersey Shore? There are so many possibilities here.

Season one took place in Hawaii, while season two’s shenanigans played out in Italy. When it comes to season three, create Mike White told Deadline earlier this year that they are open to anything: “You know, we did Europe, and maybe Asia, something crazy like that, that would be fun.” Maybe a White Lotus hotel would work perfectly on the bustling streets of Tokyo or in a quaint Japanese village town where toddlers are out running errands.

While the series has explored a wide variety of topics ranging from familial dynamics to having threesomes with college roommates, White wants to try to focus “a satirical and funny look at death and Eastern religion and spirituality” for the next chapter of the story. Weaving in the story of Tanya’s death would be a great way to do this, assuming that her former assistant Portia is still trying to figure out what happened on that boat. That brings us to the most buzzed-about part of season three: the cast.

While Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya met her untimely demise at the end of season two, her husband Greg (portrayed by Jon Gries) is still out there, and White thinks that there is an opportunity to explore the aftermath of their relationship. “It’s possible that Portia is scared enough to just leave it alone, but the fact that all of those guys die on the boat, it feels like there’s gotta be somebody who’s gonna track it down to Greg,” White said in the post-finale featurette. “But maybe you’ll have to wait to find out what happens.”

Even though there is no confirmed casting news, it seems like White is a fan of checking out fan theories online, so all of those manifestation tweets might be onto something. Quick-somebody should manifest a Bob Odenkirk cameo.

Wherever the next gaggle of guests ends up, it will be quite some time until the season airs. White confirmed that after season two he will be taking a break from the White Lotus universe. “I don’t have a lot of gas in the tank. So I need to figure out how to unplug and refresh or something,” White recently told Katie Couric. Maybe…not a vacation then.

(Via US Weekly)