Who Dies In ‘The White Lotus’ Season Two?

Warning: Spoilers for The White Lotus season two finale ahead.

After a tumultuous week at The White Lotus filled with sex and more sex, the floating dead body from episode one was finally revealed to be a fan-favorite vacationer who was forced into an early checkout… from life. There were many theories about exactly what was going down in Italy, and it soon became pretty evident that Jennifer Coolidge’s Tanya was not going to make it out of this situation alive. But not for lack of trying!

In the finale, Tanya realized that her shady husband Greg had hired his old friend Quentin to orchestrate an elaborate plan that would end in Tanya’s demise. Due to the prenup agreement, Greg would only be able to inherit Tanya’s money if she died, which is probably why he fled just a few days into his vacation. Why else would you leave a picturesque dream vacation other than securing an alibi for your wifes’ murder?

Luckily, Tanya was able to realize what was happening after finding rope, duct tape, and a gun while dining on Quentin’s boat (three things that you never want to associate together) and went on a panicked shooting spree.


Tanya was able to shoot Quentin and another of the other men on the boat, though a third friend ran away, possibly to wherever season three will take place?! It seemed like Tanya would really be able to get out of this one and reunite with Portia. Unfortunately, that’s not how it was meant to be.

While trying to escape from the boat, Tanya gives herself a little pep talk (“You’ve got this”) before tragically falling off the side of the boat and hitting her head, ultimately drowning in the water. She is found the next morning by Daphne, and her story comes to an untimely end.

Of course, this inspired a whole new set of potential questions for next season. Will Greg get away with it? What happened to the other men on the boat? And what happened to all of Portia’s “cute clothes” she left at the hotel?! Some mysteries are never meant to be solved. On the bright side, at least Ethan and Harper are having sex!