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America seems to have survived the crunk fad more or less intact, so this edition of MTV’s “Cribs” featuring the Ying Yang Twins (below) feels like something from a time capsule or a museum exhibit.  But it’s still worth your time (not that that’s saying much), as Tasty Booze has provided a helpful translation for those of us who are all proper about verb-subject agreement and similarly uncool linguistic peccadilloes.

Anyway, it’s fun to see the video transform over the course of seven minutes.  It starts out with very proper, somewhat dull translations, and the translator slowly grows tired of the Twins’ antics until he snaps around the 4:25 mark and openly mocks them for bragging about their “gator” fur jacket.

And since we’re piling on: it’s yin and yang, retards.

[via BuzzFeed and Videogum]

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