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Last Wednesday, I previewed a one-hour special on National Geographic called “Biker Chicks: Leather & Lace.” And if this clip from fourfour is any indication, the show was everything the title promised. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen something so depressing in the way it reinforces stereotypes. In other words, it was amazing. So amazing that I had to transcribe part of it:

Voiceover: “Twenty-two-year-old single mother Jessica Bruce rides behind 55-year-old Boudin, a member of the Warlocks motorcycle club and her trusted confidant.”

Jessica: “I met Boudin when I was dancing at Cheaters, and he’s been my best friend ever since. He’s kinda like a dad.”

Voiceover: “To feed and clothe her two-year-old son and keep Boudin’s bike on the road, Jessica works as a stripper… Jessica’s involvement with bikers began when her parents suddenly left home to nurse a sick relative.”

Jessica: “My parents had to go to Ohio to be with my brother and help out… they figured I’d be okay.”

Voiceover: “Boudin is trying to launch Jessica’s career as a glamor model. He takes her to get a portfolio of photographs shot by brother biker, Miserable George.”

And people, that is only the BEGINNING. I didn’t even get to the part where Boudin talks about telling her who to date while casually feeling her up, or the way Miserable George carefully displays her hair across the handlebars of a motorcycle. The only thing this clip is missing is Jessica admitting that her father sexually abused her. And her son growing up to be a meth-addled criminal. And I mean that in the sad way, not the funny way.

(Longer, more depressing video here)

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