Timely: Spike Announces Mining Show

10.14.10 7 years ago 6 Comments

Fresh on the heels of the Chilean miner rescue, Spike has announced a new docu-series called “Coal,” which follows the lives of miners in West Virginia. The series will be executive produced by Thom Beers and his Original Productions company, who are also responsible for “Deadliest Catch,” “Ice Road Truckers,” and “Ax Men.”

The show will focus on Mike Crowder and Tom Roberts, co-owners of Cobalt Mine in Westchester, W.Va., and the area’s miners, families and community members. The mining team has more than 40 employees, and this series will show every major aspect of their jobs, from planting explosives to surface mining to working in a traditional mine shaft…

[Spike VP Sharon] Levy said the dire situation in Chile during the past 70 days only reinforced the idea that a close look at the harsh realities of mining was overdue. The network was prepared to announce the project weeks ago but held off until rescue workers could begin freeing the miners. [THR]

Spike held off on the announcement out of respect to the families of the miners, of course. Oh sure, announcing it the same day as the last of the rescues may SEEM like a publicity stunt, but in truth they’re announcing it now to celebrate the Chilean miners. TV executives have a reputation for thoughtful, selfless acts like this. It makes up for drinking the blood of newborn babies.

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