Tina Fey Takes A Heartwarming Trip Down Memory Lane For Her Return To ‘SNL’

Entertainment Writer

Tina Fey will make her second (technically third) appearance on SNL this season for the finale on Saturday. The last time she represented Philadelphia — or Upper Darby — ahead of the Super Bowl, but this time she’ll play host for her sixth time following her Emmy-winning appearance with Amy Poehler back in 2015. For her return this time around, Fey attaches it to another part of her past and how it brought her to SNL in the first place.

Using a delightful animated sequence narrated by Fey, SNL’s promo for their finale takes the former head writer back to Chicago and her time at Second City. While the details are kept thin, she goes from Chicago to “30 Rock” as a writer for the show in 1997 — with some help from fellow Second City alum Adam McKay. From there she moves up to become the head writer herself, mastering the art of “sleeping with my eyes open” according to the promo, before stepping in front of the camera as a member of the cast.

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